Child Resistant Exit Bags


Have you been searching for product packaging that offers convenience, boosts your company’s sustainability initiatives, AND keeps young consumers safe? We’ve got the perfect solution – introducing our new child resistant bags, specially designed for products like vitamins, over-the counter medications, and marijuana or cannabis-infused products.

Our child resistant packaging serves as the perfect effective compliance solution that won’t hurt your (or your customer’s) wallet!

We have a range of size and color options available to suit your product’s individual needs AND ensure it meets important safety rules and regulations.

Request a quote today to begin designing custom-printed childproof bags that will help build brand equity while keeping consumers safe.

Remember, child resistant packaging is an important packaging option. Don't lose potential customers because you don't offer child resistant packaging for your product! 

Note: We do not print on our stock child-resistant bags. Custom-printed packaging is manufactured for each individual custom order. 

*Looking for samples of flexible child-resistant packaging? Contact to request a free, unprinted pouch.

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