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Eco-Friendly Flexible Packaging Options



Eco-Friendly, Recyclable, Biodegradable, Sustainable, Compostable…all these terms mean something different. There is not a “one-size-fits-all” material…we must have your information (what are you packaging, dry, liquid, powder, moisture sensitive, oily, harsh, caustic, etc). From there we can help you understand your options.

NOTE: REMEMBER…now more than ever, we need to understand your project, what you are packaging, etc. If we don’t have your information, we cannot provide the right options or guarantee how these materials will work (or not) for your application. Do not skip this critical step! We can and will send samples for you to test with your product.

DID YOU KNOW: These Are All Eco-Friendly Options/Solutions

Custom BioBags_HappyWay (002)

100% Recyclable Plastic
100% recyclable film that can be dropped off and as part of the how2recycle.info/sdo More than ever we’ll need to know what you are packaging…conditions of the filling, packaging, environment, etc). 

Kraft Paper Laminated Biodegradable - Compostable
Biodegradable-Compostable (PLA+Kraft+PLA+PBAT) Approximately 5.3 mil-microns…great for products that do not need high barrier OTR (oxygen transmission rate) (Example—seeds, candy, powder with shelf life under 12 months, as outer pouch-packaging. NOT for liquid or for products susceptible to moisture). Max weight under 6.5 pounds (3 kilograms).

Biodegradable-Compostable (PLA+Kraft+PLA+PBAT) Approximately 5 mil-microns, protein powder, seeds, candy, outer packaging). Dry Products Max weight 6.5 pounds. 

Biodegradable-Compostable with Kraft Paper + Aluminum (has aluminum layer/PVOH/PBAT)—seriously—per TUV-BPI certification, the proportion of aluminum (not compostable) is tiny and not deemed harmful). This structure excellent for under 12 month shelf life… laundry powder, chocolate, freezer/frozen products, some liquids without corrosive elements). Maximum thickness 4.7 mils or microns and maximum weight 6.5 pounds. 


Plastic Laminated Biodegradable - Compostable
Biodegradable-Compostable (PLA-PVOH-aluminum-PVOH-PLA-PBAT)Maximum thickness 5.5 mils-microns, (per TUV-BPI certification, the proportion of aluminum (not compostable) is tiny and not deemed harmful)…good for products requiring 12 month or LESS shelf life…good for laundry powder and laundry liquid, candy, seeds, chocolate, freezer and frozen applications. Maximum weight 6.5 pounds.

PLASTIC Biodegradable-Compostable (PLA-PVOH-PLA-PBAT) maximum thickness 4.7 mils or microns, for products with shelf life LESS than 12 months, seeds, powders, some liquids, candy, chocolate, frozen products. Max weight 6.5 pounds.