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Frequently Asked Questions

Traditional (Rotogravure) vs. Digital Printing

How Much Do Stand Up Pouches Cost? 
(Traditional Printing-Rotogravure)

  • Great question…depends on several things…the structure being used, the size of the bag/pouch itself, if it is printed or plain, and the quantity you are ordering.  Our pouches range from $.05 cents to $.50 cents and more depending on how elaborate they are.
  • KEY thing to remember when thinking about cost…talk to your Project Manager…where are you “hoping to be” and let us help…if it is possible, we’ll tell you, if not, we’ll tell you that too…but it will save everyone a lot of time

How Much Do Stand Up Pouches Cost? 
(Digital Printing)

Digital printing is great for small runs, quick orders, but it is not the cheapest printing method by any stretch.  1000 pieces of a pouch digitally printed will be more than a $1.00 a piece with drastic price drops after 2500 piece quantity and up.  NOTE, once a customer gets beyond 2500 pieces, it is often Much Cheaper to run using printing cylinders (as the per piece is cheaper and the cylinders can be used over and over).  As always consult with your Project Manager for help and guidance.

What Is The Minumum Run Quality for Custom Printed Stand Up Pouches

  • If we are printing digitally, the minimum run will be 1000 pieces on average.  We can run less but the cost will be more.  Remember, with digital printing, you won’t have printing cylinder charges but the per piece price will be more.
  • If we are printing traditionally Rotogravure, the minimum run is generally 2500 to 5000 pieces.  Now, this type of printing requires printing cylinders (you need one per color and they generally cost $225 each…however they last 18-24 months and can be used over and over).  With printing cylinders and Rotogravure, your per piece price is Lower than digital printing.

How Long Do Printed Stand Up Pouches Take?
(Rotogravure Traditional)

We tell most of our customers custom printed pouches take 4-6 weeks after artwork is approved…this includes making printing cylinders needed to place the ink onto the film, then laminate and convert the pouches, etc.

How Long Do Digital Printed Pouches Take?

  • About 20-25 days plus Air (3-5 days)…start to finish
  • Digital printing does NOT require printing cylinders but are more expensive than traditional Rotogravure pouches.  Digital printed packaging is only good for dry products, not liquids or pouches that need to withstand high temperature swings (hot, cold, freezer, or even super rough handling).

Spouted Pouches

How much do Spouted Stand Up Pouches Cost?

Spouted stand up pouches are more expensive than regular or traditional retail packaging because of the spouts and caps required.  The pouches need to be made separately, then the pouch film is sealed to the spouts and caps (many companies in the US do NOT have automatic equipment to seal spouts and caps…which results in very expensive pouches…BUT WE DO.  Spouted pouches range from $.15 cents to $.75 cents depending on the structure, printing, size of the spout/cap, and quantity.  As always, consult with your Project Manager for help and guidance.

Can Spouted Stand Up Pouches Be Printed Digitally?

No, the inks and the seals are not strong enough to hold liquid.

Can I provide my own spout and cap for your factory to seal?

This is not only a great question, but a GREAT idea.  Often a company will find a domestic or unique spout and cap that is not readily available…or maybe a company has a patent on it.  By all means, purchase the spouts and caps and then send to us and we’ll complete and seal to the pouches. 

How Long Does Shipping Take for Custom Printed Stand Up Pouches?

We ship the fastest shipping lane in the world…and that is through Long Beach.  We also ship through Tacoma, Washington or any other seaside port that a customer requests…shipping time takes about 18-24 days (normally) then a week to 10 days (normally) to unload then a week to 10 days (normally) to truck or rail directly to your door.  Again, I’ve mentioned “normally” several times.  During Covid nothing was normal however, we’ve closely monitored each port traffic and when necessary flown partials in Air Freight, shipped to the East Coast through the Panama Canal to avoid congestion and delays.  Again, anything is possible, BUT we must be honest and open about what you and your company need.

How Long Do Stock Pouches Take to Ship?

We ship from our Cleveland, Ohio warehouse and we offer Ground, 2nd Day, or Overnight service.  Figure 1-3 days to just about anywhere in the US and 3-5 days to Canada or Mexico.

Available Materials

  • We use clear structures (for printed pouches with windows), metalized/Mylar, foil, laminated kraft paper, biodegradable and compostable paper and plastic (when applicable)
  • We have High Temperature films (microwave, Retort, Hot Fill, Boilable)


  • We print both digitally and Rotogravure.  Digital printing is using the HP Digital press to print the film itself which is then laminated to other structures and formed into pouches.  Digital printing is only good for DRY products and products/packaging that doesn’t need to go through big temperature swings (hot/cold/frozen)…the ink and seals cannot be counted on to perform under extremes.
  • Rotogravure printing is known as the finest printing technique in the world.  Rotogravure uses etched cylinders to lay precise amounts of ink onto the film layer, which is then laminated and formed into pouches.  The beauty of Rotogravure is it is very easy to understand (and explain).  Each color of your artwork requires a printing cylinder, that’s it.  No Set Up Fees or Misc nonsense.  If you have several of the same size pouches that use the same printing and ink color…the cylinder can be used again and again.  Cylinders last from 18-24 months before needing replaced. 

What Are Printing Cylinders and Why Do I Need Them?

Etched metal (aluminum/copper) to hold and apply precise amounts of ink to film substrates.  Printing cylinders cost on average $225 each (you need one per color)

Available Features

Ziplocks—single track push to close zippers, slide zippers, Velcro zippers, hang holes, vent holes, gas release valves for fermented products and coffee out-gassing, handles, spouts and pour spouts and spigot spouts for liquids, grommets for hang holes, etc


We carry a collection of stock size pouches in different sizes and color combinations.  Same with spouted pouches for liquids.  NOTE, if ever a client needs us to run and hold a certain item in STOCK, we are always open to suggestions.


We can custom make just about any size, shape, or style.

Style of Bottom Gussets

  • Round Bottom Gussets (1 pound and under) 
  • K Style (1 pound to 2.5 pounds)
  • Plow (2.5 on up pounds)
  • Flat Bottom (can work with all weights generally)


Hot Rush - Fast Options

We always recommend honest and frank conversations with our Project Managers.  Because we run millions of pouches with our factories and always have 1-2 containers shipping per week, we are more than willing to move production around and adjust our orders if a customer needs something.  We also can ship AIR direct to your door or to your nearest airport where you can go and pick it up (this often is much cheaper than door-to-door).  Again, talk with your Project Manager.


We have warehouses in Cleveland, Ohio and Salt Lake City, Utah.  We rarely charge for use of our warehouses, we want you to have what you need when you need it.  Again, discuss with your Project Manager and let’s create a solution for your company!

Supply Chain

This is one of the most effective ways to reduce or eliminate lead time issues.  Let us run and hold your product at one of our warehouses…we can follow your Release Schedule or release manually.

How long does a quote take

A custom quote usually takes 24 hours or less.  Figure 24-48 hours. 

Eco-Friendly Terminology

Laminated Packaging

Laminated packaging (like stand up pouches) ARE Recyclable and Landfill Friendly.  Generally they are categorized as an R7.  R7 materials are easily ground back up and used as filler and regrind for plastic lumber, park benches, bumpers, construction signs, even athletic gear and children’s toys.


Sustainable is a very important word to understand.  If your packaging reduces how much packaging is being used (instead of rigid bottle you are using flexible pouch)…that’s a Sustainable Example and a Huge Win for the Environment.  If you use a rigid bottle but sell “refills” in flexible packaging (instead of selling more product in rigid bottles)…that’s another Huge Win for the Environment.  If you switch to a flexible pouch to ship your liquid instead of using a rigid container (think a pouch versus a windshield washer 2 gallon jug) not only is this a Huge Win for the Environment…your flexible packaging ships flat, stores, flat, takes up less space, uses less energy to make, requires less fuel to ship, etc.  Again…Huge Win!

Biodegradable and Compostable

Biodegradable and Compostable Papers and Films are available.  They can be printed and can be made into different retail packaging styles.  There are limitations…be aware.