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What Is Rotogravure Printing?


Rotogravure printing is internationally known as the finest printing style in the world. Bold, photographic quality and graphics produce stunning results. Rotogravure printing requires the use of printing cylinders (each other of the artwork requires a cylinder) and the cylinders last 18-24 months on average (often longer).

One of the great advantages of Rotogravure is the lower per piece price and ease in printing multiple SKUs without having to pay for new cylinders. For example, if a pouch that is 5 x 8 x 3 and has 7 colors for a particular flavor/SKU and a customer wants to add a new flavor…and everything is the same except the ingredients and name of the product…which is all done in black ink…then only 1 cylinder needs updated. Cylinders cost around $225 to $250 each, depending on the size.