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Tax Exempt Document

Our CEO, David Marinac, explains why we need a copy of your Tax Exempt certificate and how to provide one.

(Make sure your closed captions are on.)

Upload Your Tax Document

If you arrived here from the cart page:

  •  Updating your account to tax exempt is a manual process. We will complete the task as soon as possible. If you order outside of business hours it may take a little longer to get your customer account updated.
  •  If you can not wait go ahead and place the order. Submit your tax exempt form and we will issue you a refund upon verification. 
  • Let us know if you have any questions about this process.

General instructions to Set Up Your Store on Shopify
(now that we’ve converted from Big Commerce)

  1.  FYI—How To Set Up Your Account On Shopify (now that we’ve converted from Big Commerce)
  2.  We migrated the site to a new eCommerce solution and while most of the move was successful we are still finding some bugs here and there.
  3.  You will need to create an account on the new site. You can do that here.
  4.  https://store.standuppouches.net/account/register
  5.  If you use the same email you’ll be able to see your past orders and address(s). Also when you order from us in the future you’ll be able to login on the cart page and the checkout information should pre-populate.

Ever Think About Custom Printing? It’s Never Been Easier.

1000 pieces? Yes, It’s Possible.